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"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." - Einstein

Beliefs, Vision and Purpose

I care deeply about people. It gives me the greatest sense of meaning to help leaders build their lives and the lives of others toward greater fulfillment. It is, in fact, my personal purpose to equip leaders who can build other leaders, who will in turn bring greater success and positive spirit to the workplace.

  • I believe people are the most valuable part of life and that we all have intrinsic worth.
  • People bring us the greatest joy on earth.
  • They alone can make businesses succeed, and they alone build healthier and safer communities.

I am truly excited about working with leaders to bring to bear all my resources, talents, skills, and abilities. I’m an expert at developing leaders who can, in turn, develop other leaders and organizations to achieve positive and desired results. I help individuals clarify their identities, gifts, and strengths, and position these to create greater personal wholeness and corporate success. Through my coaching, people find they can get more of the results and meaning they are seeking from life. It is extremely fulfilling for me to see my sense of purpose being realized in my coaching and consulting work.

I gain a tremendous amount of learning in my work with each client, on each project. It is as if I were continuously changing jobs, going in and out of new learning environments, and enjoying the company of brilliant colleagues and clients. I give everything I have in terms of my extensive research, information pool, knowledge, referrals to other seasoned professionals, and wisdom—and I do receive so much in return. It is very rewarding and uplifting to help people build their lives—in the same way as organizations are transformed—and to make a more positive social and economic impact on communities. I consider it a privilege and an honor to participate with key leaders so that high-level, far-reaching impact occurs. I truly enjoy seeing people grow and become more whole. I love to have an impact that results in positive financial, community safety, and “people” outcomes.