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"I can die without the help of doctors." - Einstein

Executive Coaching FAQ

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  1. Details How Can You Experience My "Tele-Coaching" Process: Satisfaction Guaranteed?

    Free: (up to) 1 Hour Teleconference. Email me at drcoach@mac.com or call me directly at (909) 210-9233 to book your free phone session with me. I’ll call you back at your convenience, and we’ll talk for up to one hour. You can explain what you’re up against and what you want to achieve. I’ll let you know how I can help and will brainstorm with you some initial strategy or direction. In this session, we’ll find out if Coaching is for you. Most important, I want you to feel at ease talking with me so you will be comfortable discussing the important issues that are impacting your business and/or personal life (it can be one, or the other, or both).

    You have nothing to lose. Coaching is not something I sell you on. It’s something you understand and invest in because you want it…and because you instinctively know it will benefit you.

    If You Decide To Continue, Our Next Step Is The One-Hour Orientation Session by Phone.

    The One-Hour Orientation Session: Satisfaction Guaranteed—Or You Don’t Pay.

    You’ll get off to a strong start by both of us having a clear understanding of your goals, needs, and challenges. I will enjoy spending this time with you, getting to know you, and building a foundation for our relationship. Together, we will design the best way for us to work together to accomplish your goals. If you are not satisfied with the results of the hour, you do not pay for this session, and we don’t continue the coaching.

    Here’s How Coaching With Commitment Works:

    • You call me at a specific time, usually once each week, or every other week. We will talk for 30 or 60 minutes, depending on your need at the time.
    • Each 30-minute session is $150 US; each 60-minute session is $250 US.
    • You may also meet with me in person, but most people find the telephone the most efficient and practical method.
    • I also take phone calls on demand, as needed, and as I am available. It’s that simple. You don’t get charged anything else.
    • I bill you at the end of each month, and you send me a check, or you can pay by PayPal.

    Everyone has untapped potential and special talents to share with others. Yet few venture far enough along the path of personal and professional development to realize their fuller potential. A good Coach enhances your ability to see clearly and helps you release your unique gifts. What I ultimately want is for you to produce results beyond the ordinary in your business and personal life. I am looking forward to speaking with you soon.

  2. DetailsWith Whom Can You Discuss Your Concerns And Uncertainties?

    Talking with people in your work environment may unnecessarily upset or confuse them, or it may be risky to reveal confidential information to people you may not fully trust.

    Talking to a family member who is emotionally involved with you may hinder that person from hearing you clearly, or the information you impart may unduly burden your loved one.

    Yet, your concerns don’t really call for formal counseling or therapy.

  3. DetailsIs There An Objective Person You Can Always Count On To Coach You?
    1. Who do you turn to when you are dealing with tough decisions and when you need to visualize new and more creative perspectives? Ghost Busters?
    2. Are you maximizing leverage from every action, time commitment, and investment you make?
    3. Do you feel alone with some of the decisions that you can’t freely share with those you know?
    4. Do you need to make decisions that could be explored with an objective third party?
    5. Do you work on your business, instead of get swamped by your business?
    6. Do you find yourself spending time on things that aren’t connected to your best talents, but that you don’t or won’t delegate?
    7. Are there times when you are working alone, and that is just not good enough?

    To Be Sure, You Are Not Alone!

    Having A Personal Executive Coach Is A Great Solution!
    Coaching works because you have someone to confide in—someone who engages you in straight talkand gives honest, informed, even expert opinions. When you have a relationship where you are free to tell the whole and unbridled truth, you have a solid foundation for building results!

  4. DetailsWhat Is A Coach? How Will Having A Coach Benefit You?

    Executive Coaching has now become an established profession that synthesizes the best aspects of business, leadership, psychology, communications, organization development, counseling, consulting, sports, philosophy, theology, health, and finance.

    • A Coach challenges you and takes the time to assist you to clarify what life and success means to you.
    • A Coach focuses more on the skills you need today to create what you want now and for your future, instead of focusing mainly on your past and how it is affecting you.
    • A Coach provides the tools, structure, and support for you to orient your life and business around your true beliefs, values, and sense of purpose.
    • A Coach guides you to plan to leave a legacy that inspires you to move forward with 100% of your commitment, talents, and potential, without becoming a "burnout" case. Balance in life is paramount!
    • A Coach asks you to do more and be more than anyone else has ever asked of you, including yourself.
    • A Coach steers you to live the life you have longed for in your heart, and challenges you to remove obstacles that prevent progress.
    • A Coach is a navigator who keeps you on the course you really want to follow.
    • A Coach is a catalyst to move you toward your vision of a preferred future for yourself and others you love.
    • A Coach creates the environment for you to discover and express the highest and best use of your time and talents.
    • A Coach holds you accountable without nagging. That means accountable to optimize each area of your life and business so that you can move ahead to where you want to be.
    • Corporate Coaching helps you to see how you can leverage your personal leadership development to build successful teams, enhance corporate culture or spirit in the workplace, and make the bottom line increase at the same time. I often combine executive coaching and corporate coaching in the same organization because the two enhance one another.
  5. DetailsWhy Does Coaching Work?

    Coaching works because by working together we achieve laser-beam focus on the most important parts of your life, in both your personal and your professional arenas.

    • Your beliefs
    • Your vision
    • Your identity and purpose
    • Your gifts and talents
    • Your potentials
    • Your interests
    • Your opportunities
    • Your values
    • Your goals
    • Your action plans
    • Your implementation plans
    • Your dreams

    A wise Coach believes that wisdom at these deepest levels is available if you are encouraged to continue seeking clarity and refuse to give up seeking more clarity! When you are inspired to persist, clarity emerges from within and unfolds afresh—each new day.  When you know your "Mojo"—what really excites you, what you love most, and you flow in the "zone" of peak performance—you can enjoy the rewards of finding more success, meaning, and happiness.

    A Coach keeps you focused and on your line of purpose.  In our busy and fast-paced world, it is easy to find ourselves getting knocked off-course.

  6. DetailsWhat Learning Tools Will Be Used To Assess Current Needs and Accelerate Your Learning Process?

    Cutting-edge learning tools are available to you throughout the Coaching process. Since 1979, Consulting Resource Group International, Inc. has published learning tools that accelerate personal, team, and organizational learning. I may use some tools developed by others, but find the CRG tools more comprehensive, and therefore provide you with an integrated approach to leadership development. These tools have been tested in clinical, corporate, and educational environments in ten countries, and some of them are available in 11 languages.

    These CRG tools have been identified as world-class and "best of breed" by more than 70 consulting companies and dozens of universities worldwide that represent or use them. Our organizational and team assessment and learning programs enable you to share the benefits of our Coaching sessions with those with whom you work. Most are available on-line; others are print-based. See an in-depth explanation of all our tools at the CRG website.

  7. DetailsWhat Are The Learning Processes And Programs For Corporate And Team Coaching

    For Business Executives

    Transforming Leadership: Equipping Yourself and Coaching Others to Build the Leadership Organization. This insightful book prepares you to gain a full grasp of the terrain of leadership and the learning methodology to develop it—through Coaching—in yourself and others. The book contains a self-assessment of 60 leadership competencies with an in-depth explanation of how they can be applied at work and in other areas of life.

    For Police, Justice and Public Safety Executives

    Every Officer Is A Leader: This book provides the latest insight into leadership, team, and organization development and transformation in police, justice and public safety settings. It has been used by many universities, the RCMP, FBI and many other police, justice and public safety agencies as a mainstay text, but is accessible to front line officers who aspire toward promotions. The newly Revised 2nd Edition of this book has a Foreword by Sheriff Lee Baca, PhD, Sheriff of the largest police department in the world, the LA County Sheriffs Department.

    Self-Assessments and 360° Assessments for Any Leader

    Leadership Skills Inventory (LSI, Self and Others) This self-and-others 360-degree assessment of the 60 leadership competencies provides the basis for our formulating your results-based plan to develop enhanced leadership effectiveness.

    The Personal Style Indicator (PSI) This is a next-generation style-assessment tool. (You may have seen older versions like Myers-Briggs or DiSC.) PSI identifies general style preferences, strengths, difficult areas, your reactions to stress, team functioning, leadership implications, and plans for development.

    The Job Style Indicator (JSI) We analyze the work behavioral-style requirements of your job and compare them to your preferred work style. This helps you create or find a job role that matches the highest and best use of your strengths and talents. Or, it helps you understand how you need to develop style flexibility to enhance your performance and enjoyment in your current job.

    The Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP) Using this tool, I assist you to assess your current stress levels and to plan for improved health and wellness in five critical areas of your life.

    Values Preference Inventory (VPI) I use this tool to assist you to prioritize your preferred values and compare them to the way you actually invest your time. We bring your lifestyle more into alignment with your true values and eliminate any self-defeating patterns that throw your life out of balance.

    The assessments listed above are available interactively on-line at http://www.CRGLeader.com/. You can access them in your own private learning locker and keep the results there for later reference. Simply register your email address and password and then access the assessments you want to complete in preparation for our coaching session.

    What Are The Learning Processes And Programs For Corporate And Team Coaching QLEAD: The Quality Leadership Enhancement and Development Process

    This four-phase, 10-step process systematically moves your executive team through organizational assessment, executive team development, strategic planning, and leadership assessment (using the LSI). It implements performance meetings, reviews successes, and promotes continuous learning and planned change. Coaching occurs throughout this process.

    TEAMLEAD: With Coaching, this 22-module, high-performance-team-development program moves an executive team through the essential steps toward becoming a championship team.

  8. DetailsWhat Ten Powerful Results Can You Expect From Coaching?

    1. Corporate and Executive Coaching Helps You Succeed In These Important Areas of Business

    • Learn to be a more effective leader-manager.
    • Assess your corporate development leverage points.
    • Optimize the leverage potential in each decision, investment, deal, and time commitment.
    • Optimize your business performance and keep more profits.
    • Find the right consultant or person in your company who can make positive change happen.
    • Keep expenses down by capitalizing on untapped internal talent.
    • Identify and blow out unnecessary bureaucracy in your organization.
    • Bring in highly specialized professionals who can achieve reliable and tested business results.
    • See ways to build your business on a foundation of multiple profit sources.
    • Create a plan to assess your organization and customers.
    • Develop your leaders to build high-performance teams.
    • Conduct strategic planning.
    • Develop a strategic marketing plan.
    • Conduct effective and regular strategic-plan-implementation meetings.
    • Create learning and feedback loops by installing systems.
    • Avoid fads that drain time and resources.
    • Carry out market research and due diligence.
    • Learn to enhance real value for your customers or citizens in your community.
    • Maximize the impact of your products and services.
    • I associate only with consultants I know to be competent; I work with 20 senior consulting associates with proven track records in their own areas of expertise, and I can refer you to them personally.

    2. Optimize Your Life By Making Better Planning Decisions For Yourself And Your Organization

    • Learn how to optimize everything in your life. Optimization is getting the maximum return, results, and rewards, while minimizing your strain and risk. As your Coach, my main responsibility is to help you gain and maintain clear focus. Juanell Teague, one of my mentors, once told me, "Focus or Die." It is extremely valuable to talk through your ideas with someone who understands you and who wants the best for you, yet who is objective enough not to be biased or self-serving. Simply talking about your options with a Coach who knows how to listen is often enough to make a concept clear.
    • If you like workbooks, I may recommend Bill Bean’s Living on Purpose process for working your issues through to clarity at the personal level. To optimize your business results, I often recommend his Turbo Charging Your Business with Strategic Planning Technology. If you prefer verbal interaction to workbooks, we will use dialog to move your business forward in proven ways to achieve new levels of performance.

    3. Create A Balanced Life That Works

    • Learn to simplify your life and improve your relationship with time, to substantially increase the quality of your life and lower your stress levels.
    • Find a time-management approach that suits your style, and use technology to free your time.
    • Assess your current stress levels using the Stress Indicator and Health Planner and create a simple, effective plan to minimize stress and maximize wellness.
    • Establish balance between your home, your work, and your play. A balanced life is a rare treasure that most people believe is beyond their grasp. Balance is not something you can force. When certain other things are in their rightful place, balance finds you!
    • Address your work habits and the timeframes in which you are choosing to do work. Some individuals engage in workaholism that is destructive. You don’t have to be a workaholic to have success and balance in life!

    4. Communicate More Effectively.

    • Be clear about what you need, and communicate it respectfully and patiently to the people around you. You can improve the response you receive from others.
    • Learn to ask for what you really want and need.
    • Learn to do "truth telling" that isn’t destructive.
    • Learn to show that you truly value others, even when there is conflict.
    • Learn a conflict resolution process to create win-win relationships and agreements in business.
    • Learn to speak from the heart in intimate relationships.
    • Learn to express deeper understanding of others’ needs, views, and feelings.
    • Learn about personal style and its impact on your personal life and business performance. We will review the results of your Personal Style Indicator and In-Depth Interpretations—a proven system I have developed with my partners—to take your communication skills to a new level. This memorable system goes beyond Myers-Briggs and DiSC tools. Without extensive training, you can also have others complete these tools easily—at home and at work.

    5. Get More Done In Less Time.

    • Focus more on what you want to do.
    • Automate your systems for peak efficiency in dealing with all your contacts and scheduling.
    • Learn to delegate tasks that you shouldn’t keep doing because they interfere with the highest and best use of your time.
    • Develop a support system in your life so that others systematically handle things that drain your time and attention as often as possible.
    • Identify and leverage your strengths to create greater influence as a leader and increase profitability as a business leader.
    • Build a team that complements your strengths rather than one that competes with you.

    6. Position Yourself To Take More Worthwhile Actions.

    • Set the goals you really want. Ultimately, you do what you really want to do anyway.
    • Find out what you really want for yourself and your business. This is our first task together. We will discover what you really want for yourself in your heart-of-hearts. Once you are clear about your consummate goals, you’re naturally more likely to take consistent action to reach them.

    7. Eliminate The Hassles Of Life.

    • Learn how to calm down.
    • Learn to stop unnecessary suffering, tolerating, waiting, and hoping.
    • Reduce adrenaline levels, stress, and friction in your personal and business relationships.
    • Learn to live more simply and elegantly. Eliminate unnecessary material distractions.
    • Complete unfinished business with your past—at every level.

    8. Raise Your Standards And Extend Your Boundaries.

    • Together, we will identify the standards and values you are willing to set up for your life. Standards and values are worthwhile boundaries you can discover and willingly follow to improve the overall quality of your life. If you like assessment tools, we can use Everett Robinson’s Values Preference Indicator (VPI) to help you gain prioritized clarity at this level.

    9. Understand Your Personal Search Process.

    • Get on a path, or further the path you are already on.
    • Develop your spiritual understanding and seek clearer direction.
    • Gain a framework for understanding various belief positions.
    • Come to clarity about which criteria you believe are true, to discern the beliefs you will pursue.

    I will help you sort through this confusing but critically important area of life that affects everything you plan, say, and do. If you want to, you can gain clarity by working with me through the process, Deep Structure Strategic Planning. You will create a clearer vision and personal purpose statement (based on your beliefs) that will drive every decision you make—to simplify and focus your life and business for a purpose.

    10. Feel Better Physically And Emotionally.

    1. Recognize and eliminate any costly hidden "life costs."
    2. Establish a reserve of time, space, money, and love and become irresistibly attractive.
    3. Redesign your eating and lifestyle habits to increase your vitality and energy.

    As your Coach, I’m always aware of your health and well-being;

    I’ll put you in touch with the latest breakthroughs in science, nutrition, and technology.

  9. DetailsHow Do We Work On Our Coaching Relationship?
    • Do you have any "secret" dreams for your business life or primary relationships that you have abandoned or just thought you would deal with later?
    • Do you wish to take your organization to the next level and find that you have reached a ceiling or that some obstacles keep getting in the way?
    • Are there specific tasks you want to complete in your life? I can help you get to work on making it happen during your lifetime. Because your business and personal success emerges from the core of who you really are, it is inevitable that personal issues will come to light in our dialogues. What we work on depends on you.

    My Clients Have Attained Achievements Like These With My Coaching:

    • Explored and successfully implemented new business innovations and ideas.
    • Formulated strategic business planning that got results with their work teams.
    • Designed successful pilot marketing strategies that could be tested each step of the way.
    • Planned to set up a comprehensive personnel system to drive performance.
    • Re-clarified their personal beliefs, values, priorities, and action plans.
    • Developed themselves and others as leaders by learning Transforming Leadership skills.
    • Built a better leadership team and leadership organization.
    • Learned to understand and get ready to build a learning organization.
    • Explored how their beliefs and values could drive their business success.
    • Built a healthier and more productive corporate culture.
    • Integrated their business and personal lives to create better work/life balance.
    • Brought a project to completion through effective implementation.
    • Planned to hire a new Executive VP and Human Resources VP to round out their executive team.
    • Set family goals and made concrete holiday plans that all family members were excited about.
    • Re-engineered their job description and project list to capitalize on their strengths and maximize the highest and best use of their time and talents, and delegated everything else.
    • Engineered others’ job descriptions to eliminate distractions from top-priority projects and action.
    • Solved the problem of underperforming executive team members.
    • Reviewed their compensation philosophy and planned for a new compensation policy.
    • Prioritized actions and projects to increase productivity.
  10. DetailsWho Works With A Coach?

    The CEO or Executive

    • The CEO or Executive desiring a balanced work and personal life. The Executive Leadership-skills assessment and development can be accomplished by our 360-degree feedback instrument, The Leadership Skills Inventory, or through the dialog between us. I can also assist you in planning for training that you may need and/or want. When leaders cannot delegate some management tasks to others, more effective management skills are sometimes needed.

    If you wish me to become more involved in your organization, I can do so in the role of consultant.

    I lead a limited number of consulting projects and can effect strategic planning with your team, team development, plan for corporate change, culture change, and leadership development.

    I can also lead a team of other senior consultants who can address virtually any problem or development area in your business or organization.


    • Entrepreneurs starting a new venture and who want to do it right the first time.
    • Entrepreneurs wanting to optimize their existing company.
    • Entrepreneurs wishing to move their company to the next level—from "entrepreneurially run" to "professionally run."

    I often use the Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator (which I co-authored) as a kick-off to our understanding of your needs and priorities from your personal view. And I use organizational assessments to assist you.

    You will learn to improve how you handle these important aspects of business:

    • Understand how you can identify critical success factors.
    • Set up a convincing, compelling, and implementable strategic business plan.
    • Choose effective team members.
    • Better orient, Coach, and train your team.
    • Learn to delegate more effectively without guilt or worry.
    • Take better care of yourself and your family.
    • Find a sounding-board for new ideas.
    • Live a more balanced life.

    As your Coach, I can act as a catalyst for any or all these things.

    Professionals: Health professionals, physicians, chiropractors, realtors, trainers, training managers, therapists, sales managers, and consultants

    • Learn to set up your own practice or optimize it with personnel or high-tech systems.
    • Attract more and better clientele.
    • Identify your unique selling principle.
    • Market what you have or do around this principle.
    • Master your field.
    • Develop a model reputation.
    • Prepare for another career, or plan a career after retirement.
    • Prepare to launch your own consulting practice.


    • People responsible for operations and leading sales team members.
    • Those wanting to reach high sales targets or quotas.
    • Individuals wishing to learn the art of Coaching.
    • Team Members wanting to work better together through ongoing Coaching.
  11. DetailsHow is Coaching Is Not Something I Do To You, But Is A Process We Do Together?

    What Can You Expect From Me As Your Coach?

    • Respect for your privacy by holding everything you say in complete confidence.
    • Punctuality, resourcefulness, and being totally "present" for our session.
    • Straight-talk and direct answers. Help in assisting you to hear and discern more truth.
    • Skillfully and respectfully challenge you and what may be limiting beliefs or assumptions.
    • Be understanding and sensitive to your ideas, beliefs, feelings, and perspectives.

    What Will My Coaching Skills Do For You?

    • Lead you through the problem-management process in each area of concern.
    • Explore and strategize new changes that will make an impact.
    • Advise you from my years of experience and expertise so that you have another perspective.
    • Fully appreciate your circumstances from your point of view.
    • Provide guidance, ideas, comments, and views—in ways you can use them.
    • Coach you toward the specific leadership-skills development you agree you need to work on.
    • Help you identify and capitalize on your strengths and to emphasize these, rather than get overly focused on your weaknesses. I’m here to champion you!
    • Challenge you to be more successful, healthy, and happy.
    • Exhort you to develop a strong emotional, interpersonal, spiritual, and financial base.
    • Help you learn to enjoy your life right now, not after "everything works out."
    • Present bold requests because I want a lot for you. I only ask that you play ball, 100%.

    I want you to be your best—not necessarily "the best."

    Some Things You Must Be Willing To Do

    • Communicate your strengths, goals, fears, successes, and failures.
    • When you speak straight to me, you assist me in finding answers quickly and easily.
    • Engage in creative action, not just creative thinking.
    • Elevate your personal standards and expectations.
    • Produce more significant results—while retaining your health and well-being.
    • Re-evaluate and redesign the way you spend your time.
    • Set larger and more challenging goals that inspire and motivate you.
    • Re-assess the assumptions and decisions you have made.
    • Tell the truth to yourself and others whenever possible.
    • Restore your integrity in any area where there is a breach.
    • Stop tolerating unnecessary suffering in your life.
    • Make decisions in which you can invest.
    • Take responsibility for your own life—more than you ever have.
    • Take extraordinary care of yourself.
  12. DetailsWhat Might We Discuss In Your Coaching Sessions?
    • Successes and Wins you’ve had during the past week or month.
    • Concerns you are facing right now.
    • A Plan of Action to accomplish an important goal.
    • Problems you faced and how you handled them. Life does have its share of challenges and problems.
    • New Insights. An insight is like an "Aha" experience—basically a truth that you must realize. Insights help you realign with yourself and your vision.
    • Breakthroughs. A breakthrough is a combination of insight, a win, and an alignment with some truth. After you have had a breakthrough, you feel energized—ready for action, relieved, and clear. Sharing your breakthrough will create the space for you to validate it with an achievement.
    • News that you’ve gone the extra mile. Effort is good for us. It keeps body, mind, and soul in shape so that we can take advantage of life’s opportunities. When you’ve kept your word in a challenging situation, stuck with something when everyone else has given up, or honored your standards when it was easier to lower them, tell me. It means you’ve grown stronger.
    • Your Fears. Do you ever hesitate? Get scared? Stop yourself from moving forward? Good. You passed the humanity test. Together, we will create a plan to help you move through your fears into your preferred future.
    • New Ideas. As your Coach, I’m committed to creating a threat-free zone for new ideas to be explored and tested with logic, intuition, and perhaps revelation. I won’t minimize your ideas; I will help you craft them into language you can implement more easily and then communicate clearly to others.
    • A Completion. Until we are complete, we do the same things repeatedly in a futile attempt to get complete so we can move on and express our values. Whenever you finish a project, complete a task, catch up on a promise, or do something right, you open your life to more good. One of our objectives is for you to complete the important things in your life…and learn to drop some of the other things that are in the way.
  13. DetailsWhy Did I Become A Coach?

    I am truly excited about working with leaders to bring to bear all my resources, talents, skills, and abilities. I’m an expert at developing leaders who can, in turn, develop others and organizations to achieve positive and desired results. I help individuals clarify their identities, gifts, and strengths, and position these to create greater personal wholeness and corporate success. Through my coaching, people find they can get more of the results and meaning they are seeking from life. It is extremely fulfilling for me to see my sense of purpose being realized in my coaching and consulting work.

    I gain a tremendous amount of learning in my work with each client, on each project. It is as if I were continuously changing jobs, going in and out of new learning environments, enjoying the company of brilliant colleagues and clients. I give everything I have in terms of my extensive research, information pool, knowledge, referrals to other seasoned professionals, and wisdom—and I do receive so much in return. It is very rewarding and uplifting to help people build their lives—in the same way as organizations are transformed—and to make a more positive social and economic impact on communities. I consider it a privilege and an honor to participate with key leaders so that high-level, far-reaching impact occurs. I truly enjoy seeing people grow and become more whole. I love to see impact that results in positive financial, community safety, and "people" outcomes.

  14. DetailsAm I Qualified To Be Your "Coach"?

    Being a coach allows me to create the additional balance in my life that I need to pursue my goals of enjoying living, writing, teaching, and consulting.

    I have a heart for people development and a mind for business-development strategy. These key qualities have led me to teach communication, counseling, and leadership at three universities for over 30 years. Those abilities also led me to start my own publishing and consulting firm in 1979. Consulting Resource Group International, Inc. has grown to include 81 associate companies, and 32 publications— some in eight languages, and are being distributed in ten countries—and it is still growing.

    I now have the freedom to enjoy life with my wife, to continue teaching university courses, and to consult and Coach. Mine is a full, but balanced, life.

    My Academic Background

    1. B.A. in Psychology and English from California State University, Chico
    2. M.A. in Education with a specialization in Counseling from California State University, Chico
    3. Ph.D. in Administration and Management from Columbia Pacific University (in conjunction with faculty supervisors at the University of Massachusetts School of Management and School of Counseling and Consulting)
    4. University Educator for more than 30 years in the areas of communication, problem management, leadership and organization development.

    What Is My Business And Consulting Experience?

    I have Coached and Consulted with CEOs and managers from large companies like General Telephone and Electric, Applied Learning, and the Toro Company, to young entrepreneurs starting up high-tech and marketing firms. I developed the framework for a leadership development program that has been used by 200 of GTE’s top executives. It received rave reviews and is now being used—in custom-designed form—by a number of other companies.  I have also worked with Police Chiefs from the RCMP, San Diego Police, California Peace Officer Standards and Training, Folsom Police, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, the Correctional Service of Canada, and many other leaders from smaller organizations.

    Over the years I have established solid connections with the senior members of more than 15 other consulting firms. This enables us to team-up on projects with some of the world’s most innovative leaders in general consulting, e-learning, e-commerce, organizational research, personnel consulting, organization development, compensation, executive search, re-engineering, quality initiatives, and change-management transitions.

    Most important, I care deeply about people. It gives me the greatest sense of meaning to help leaders build their lives and the lives of others toward greater fulfillment. It is, in fact, my personal purpose to equip leaders who can build other leaders, who will in turn bring greater success and spirit into the workplace.

    • I believe people are the most valuable part of life and that we have intrinsic worth.
    • People bring us the greatest joy on earth.

    They alone can make businesses succeed and they alone build safer and healthier communities.

  15. DetailsWhat, If Any Kind of Pressure Will You Get From Me?
    • I do my Coaching work mostly by telephone or video teleconferencing, although some of it is done face-to-face.
    • Successful Coaching is achieved with weekly or at least bi-monthly sessions.
    • Your sessions provide consistency and follow-through. As your Coach, I will help you solve problems and make the most of opportunities. If you are too close to a situation, it can be difficult for you to "step out of the box" and evaluate what is really happening.
    • In each session, we will agree on the critical actions that you need to take, or identify the things you need to do to facilitate your next step. These are tasks, actions, results, or changes you will commit to completing before our next call. At the beginning of our next call, we review how your work has progressed and plan for further, more refined, and focused action.
    • I don’t assign "homework," but I do act as a reminder that you have chosen to move ahead with certain areas of life and business. I Coach you to get on with your action plans.