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"Those who would preserve the spirit must also look after the body to which it is attached." - Einstein

Coaching Services and Fees

My 2018 pricing is based on a normal hourly billing rate of $225/hour. If your need is emergent, spontaneous or ad hoc coaching, that is the rate that will apply. If you would like to schedule a coaching service arrangement, I have created reduced rate packages for your consideration. The following packages that enable you to access various specialties in coaching that I offer are detailed below:

NOTE: Packages assume coaching is via teleconference and electronic documentation unless specified otherwise.

Coaching Service Packages

1. Leadership Coaching for Competence Scholarship Package (with Optional Certification)

    a. Complete the Credible Leadership Practices Assessment
    b. Build a Leadership Development Plan with my assistance.
    c. Find others you work with to give you regular feed-forward.
    d. Practice targeted skills with me online and get regular feed-forward.
    e. Demonstrate the leadership skills online and be ready to become Certified as a Credible Leader by taking additional steps that will enable you to train and coach others in your organization.
    f. This Scholarship Package includes access to Phase IV of Online Credible Leadership (Valued at $500) with the option to Certify as a Coach, Blended Learning Facilitator, and Organizational Change Agent (additional cost). To understand what this certification means click on this link.
    g. When you get the course as a scholarship, we ask you to purchase the text e-book online here for $30: http://commandcollege.org/eoil/. The Third Edition of this Every Officer Is A Leader book was just published in January, 2018.

Package 1: 4 Hours Coaching at $200/hr.
Certification: Set up a teleconference to discuss certification and other leadership courses with Dr. Anderson here: https://calendly.com/drcoach/60min

2. First Job or Promotional Interview Preparation

    a. Before you go to any job or promotional interview I will help you to research exactly what questions you will be asked so that you can practice your answers to all of those questions. Most people don’t do this well, so you will have an edge if you do.
    b. We will do a “mock” video interview in person or on a video call, and I will ask you those questions and give you feedback about your answers, and often more important, how you are coming across non-verbally. This step is incredibly helpful in increasing your chances of being hired or promoted.
    c. You practice answering these questions in a thorough, precise and confident manner and you will more likely get the job or the promotion. Whoever gets the most points and is liked the best and trusted the most, wins. I will show you how to get more points and be liked and trusted more than your competition. Most of them won’t have the advantage of the in-depth experience coaching that offer.

Package 2: 4 Hours Coaching @ $200/hr.

3. Life Plan Coaching

    a. Most people spend more time planning their vacations than their lives. It is better to base your career plan on your life plan than the other way around. Most people choose a career and adjust their lives to fit the career; and that may not be the best way to do it.
    b. Living on Purpose Planning Process: I use the Living on Purpose planning process with my clients because it covers all the bases. This package includes the Living On Purpose planning workbook.

Package 3: 2 Hours Coaching @ $200/hr.

4. Know Thyself and Manage Thyself Coaching

    a. Personal Style Indicator (PSI) assessment and planning for versatility
    b. Values Preference Indicator (VPI) assessment for clarification of values priorities
    c. Goals Clarification and Action Planning for a better life and career
    d. Dealing with the past and developing resilience to prevent stress accumulation and PTSD
    e. Live in the present with clear goals and action plans that are motivating.
    f. This package includes the PSI and VPI

Package 4: 2 Hours Coaching @ $200/hr.

5. Career Plan Coaching

    a. Prioritize your top three career options for employment (you research the prospective career titles based on your interests and values)
    b. Prioritize your top three prospective employers based on the research you can gather on them to see if you would even want to work for them.
    c. Complete a reputable interest inventory may be a part of the work we do.
    d. Select a career that matches your strengths, motivations and aspirations.

Package 5: 2 Hours Coaching @ $200/hr.

6. Career Path Plan Coaching

    a. Decide with clarity on the best career path for you to follow because of your strengths, values, interests, abilities and motivations. Don’t get stuck too long in any one role or rank and play from your strengths and motivations to achieve your goals. Plan for a more motivating and rewarding job role that makes the best use of your time, talents and skills.

Package 6: 2 Hours Coaching @ 200/hr.

7. Assessment Center Preparation

    a. Many agencies have turned to head hunter agencies or assessment centers to screen their candidates for senior executive level positions.
    b. You can improve your assessment center scores by knowing what criteria are being assessed by that center, and practicing scenarios that refine your responses and better fulfil those criteria. This will enable you to enter the center with more confidence based on practice rather than cerebral hunches about what you think you might do. Again, it is all about getting more points than your competition, being better liked, and being trusted more than your competition. I will coach you to increase your points, trust and likeability factors.
    c. We practice the skills and scenarios online through video conferencing and you get a higher score at the assessment center.

Package 7: 5 Hours Coaching @ 200/hr.

8. Executive Coaching for Organization Development and Positive Culture Building

    a. This option is for those executives who are ready to move their entire organization toward continuous improvement in a collaboratively based culture where leaders develop leaders for positive community impact and enhanced public trust.
    b. Complete the Organizational Performance Review (for business) or the Police Organizational Performance Review (if yours is a policing organization)
    c. Introduce the Executive Team to the OD for a Change Team Building Workshop and plan to build your first Continuous Improvement Team.
    d. Build your Continuous Improvement Team and commit to regular monthly meetings of your new Team who will advise the Executive Team on their best bet solutions to organizational and community problems that are not resolved in the normal course of duties.
    e. The Continuous Improvement Team leaders can optionally become Certified as coaches and coach other leaders inside your organization by completing Phase IV of Credible Leadership.
    f. The Executive and Continuous Improvement Team members successfully plan and implement the annual strategic plan.
    g. Leaders develop leaders to create a better place to work and a safer community.

Package 8: 3-5 Days Coaching and Consulting at $1500/day
1 Day Preparation Time @ $1500/day (required)

NOTE: Package 8 anticipates delivery of service at your site. Therefore, travel costs will be added in addition to consulting fees. Travel cost include: airfare (or vehicle mileage @ $0.75/mile if within 200 miles), accommodation, vehicle rental (if travel by air), meals and incidentals.

9. Wellness, Resilience and Stress Coaching

    a. If you are seeking stress, resilience and wellness coaching, I have been certified by Dr. Joseph Schafer at the Stress and Health Center at California State University (in collaboration with Enloe Hospital, in Chico, California) to do stress counseling and coaching. I can provide you with the latest research on nutrition, fitness, deep relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, deep relaxation and fast recovery from PTSD and coach you to make decisions with that information that will optimize your health, wellness and performance. For a free, daily, research-based nutrition newsletter that I highly recommend signing up for a free daily newsletter at: www.NutritionFacts.org.

Package 9: Hourly Coaching on Demand @ $200/hr. (minimum 4 Hour commitment)

10. Relationship Coaching

    a. Most of the officers I have done coaching with have told me that workplace stress (usually caused by one’s supervisor or the organization’s culture) and marital stress and divorce are the most difficult things to handle in the lives and careers. If you are having difficulty with these areas, I can likely help you improve your situation or make a decision that could resolve it. I can coach you to effectively manage your side of the relationship without getting hooked by others’ dysfunctional behaviors. I can also coach you to recover from a broken heart….one of the most serious traumas that any of us can suffer.

Package 10: Hourly Coaching on Demand @ $200/hr. (minimum 4 Hour commitment)

Caveat: I may not be the most appropriate coach for you. I have screened, selected and certified more than 20 Coaches in the USA and Canada (many of whom are retired police chiefs and successful certified executives) who can help you as well; and I may refer you to one of those Certified Coaches. If, after I gain an understanding of your needs during our first session, I think that another coach would be a better fit for you, I would refer you to that coach.

How We Work Together for Your Success
If you are interested in exploring how we might want to work together, you can schedule an appointment with me on my calendar at https://calendly.com/drcoach/60min or call me at Ph: (909) 210-9233 (US) or Ph: (604) 385-0067 (Canada) to make an appointment.