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"Small is the number of them that see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts." - Einstein

Fees for Services

Contracting and Fee Structuring Process

After the first free (up to one hour) session, or a half-day Plan-to-Plan session, Dr. Anderson will provide you with a proposal outlining the following:

  1. Scope of the assignment.
  2. Expected outcomes.
  3. Fees and terms of payment.

If you are satisfied with the proposal, you sign the agreement; if not, it is revised it until agreement is achieved.

Fees for Consulting: Strategic Planning, Change Management and Leadership Development

Half Day or Plan-to-Plan Session: $2000 US
Fee for One Day Projects, Retreats or Workshops ($3500/day US)
Full Strategic Planning ($10,000 US for a Three Day Facilitation)
Travel Day is $1000.

Fees for Executive and Corporate Coaching Services

Free Initial Consultation: Dr. Anderson will speak with you for a maximum of one hour to ensure he can help you with the kinds of concerns you have so that agreement on the goals coaching, and terms of payment, are firmed up in advance of beginning the first telephone session.

To request such a session, please send an email to drcoach@mac.com or phone (909) 210-9233.

  1. One Half-Hour Coaching/Consulting Session: $250 US
  2. One Hour Coaching/Consulting Session: $350 US
  3. Weekly 1 Hour Coaching/Consulting Session: $1000 US per month

Fees for Facilitation and Speaking Engagements

Keynote ($5000 US)
1/2 Day Facilitation ($2000 US)
1 Day Workshop Facilitation ($3500 US)
2 Day Board Retreat Facilitation ($6500 US)


  • 30 Days Cancellation Notice is required on consulting contracts, or client pays 50% of contract.
  • Invoices are to be paid within 30 days of receipt of invoice.
  • Accommodation, meals, airfare, and car rental expenses are covered in full by the client.
  • Airfare is business class.
  • Automobile travel is @ $0.50 per mile

Satisfaction Guarantee

Dr. Anderson will not invoice or charge you for work done unless you are pleased with the results, but neither he nor Anderson Corporate and Executive Coaching shall be held legally liable if target results are not achieved for various reasons.


Dr. Anderson will sign a non-disclosure agreement for anyone who requires such, and he agrees that the information discussed is completely private and confidential.