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Police, Justice and Public Safety Clients

Introducing The Optimize Everything Consulting Process
For Police, Justice and Public Safety Organizations

Terry D. Anderson, PhD

  • Published Author and Professor of Leadership in Criminal Justice
  • PhD in Administration and Management
  • Experienced Conference Speaker and Executive Workshop Facilitator
  • President of Anderson Corporate and Executive Coaching
  • Certified Strategic Planner and Seasoned Organizational Transformation Consultant
  • Executive Team Development Specialist
  • Certified Executive Coach by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
  • Certified by the California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) to Facilitate the Team Building Workshop


Learn to Optimize Your Team and Organization to Get Desired Results

The following video provides background to the underlying approach in an interview of Dr. Anderson conducted by Dr. Ken Keis of Consulting Resource Group International Inc.:
Interview of Dr. Anderson by Dr. Keis

A Learning Process Where You Get Work Done While You Learn Advanced Team and Organizational Leadership Competencies

Optimize the Following:

  • Strategic Audit
  • Organization Design
  • Strategic Plan Design
  • Strategic Plan Execution
  • Executive Team Performance
  • People and Team Performance
  • Fiscal Performance
  • Wellness and Morale
  • Crime Reduction
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Blow Out Bureaucracy

with the Every Officer Is A Leader approach.

The Systems Thinking Way of Creating Organizational Change and Transformation

This Approach Utilizes:  Simple and immediately implementable continuous improvement processes in cross-functional teams, beginning with the Executive Team.

Using this approach, an Executive Team can learn how to optimize and prioritize every aspect of their team and organization on an ongoing basis.  This executive team-based approach to organizational transformation lowers stress, increases performance and morale, and has been successfully implemented in dozens of businesses, policing and other justice and public safety environments.  It is based on a multi-disciplinary approach that leverages best practices, and the details of this approach are outlined in the Revised Second Edition of the book, Every Officer Is A Leader:  Coaching Leadership, Learning, and Performance in Justice, Public Safety and Security Organization.

Time and Costs Vary:  The consulting days to Optimize Everything are not scheduled all at once but planned to fit your organization’s schedule and priorities.  Smaller organizations take less time and the cost is less.  California POST recognizes all law enforcement agencies in California as eligible to apply for the funding of the Team Building Workshop, the application for which is May 1st of each year.

See references for work Dr. Anderson has done by clicking on the “Letters of Recommendation” page.

Strategic Organizational and Environmental Audit – Using the latest online survey technology, we assess organizational issues using one of the following tools to find out what you are doing well, and what needs attention (as perceived by you, your executive team, your employees, and even your community if you want to do that extensive of a study) :  The Organizational Performance Review, The Police Organizational Performance Review, the SKEPTIC Method of environmental assessment, or a custom-designed tool.

Optimizing the Executive Team – Team Building Workshop:  Identify team and team member strengths, styles and leadership competencies, and develop a plan for ongoing leadership development and team performance improvement.  Clarify the team’s vision, values, and roles and goals for each member of the team.  Learn and agree about problem-solving and decision-making processes so you are all using the same preferred models.  Learn to have more productive meetings, correct course goals/direction, report successes, and celebrate results.  A custom-designed version of this part of the Optimization process is done in the POST Team Building Workshop, depending on the unique needs of each agency and team.

Optimize the Strategic Plan Design – Review previous strategic initiatives, conduct an internal and external environmental scan, prioritize and target new strategic imperatives, and gain organization and community-wide support for your new plan.

Optimize Strategic Plan Execution – Learn to identify, prioritize and execute the 3-5 most critical strategic imperatives in your organization and community.  Learn to set goals for the remaining strategic initiatives that are important but not imperative.  Report and be accountable for only the top 3-5 imperatives and avoid the embarrassment of “over-promising and under-delivering.” Assemble a change team of leaders who have the credibility, competence and caring to make change happen even in the face of skepticism and negativity inside or outside your organization.  This process includes the development of implementation teams on the front line of the organization:  This is the most difficult but most effective part of the execution process.

Optimize Meetings — Meet Monthly to Review Progress and Correct Course.  This has proven, in more than 120 organizations, to be the single most important factor in predicting and ensuring success of strategic change and team development initiatives.  Our studies indicate that organizations that have this special kind of monthly review meeting achieve higher than a 90% implementation rate of their strategic plan initiatives.  Organizations that skip even one monthly meeting often have implementation rates below 40%.  You will learn how to conduct this kind of highly productive meeting.

Optimize Health, Wellness and Morale – These go hand in hand and reduce stress and absenteeism and turnover costs.  Proven methods from HeartMath.org and other sources can give you a critical edge against the accumulation of stress and increase your and your team’s performance, resilience and morale.

Optimize Crime Reduction Methods and Technologies – New methods and technologies that have been tested in Canada and New York are accessible through my colleague, Darryl Plecas, RCMP Research Chair for Canada, who has conducted extensive research on methods and technologies that have been proven to reduce crime in a wide range of communities, including Vancouver, BC and New York, NY.

Optimize to Blow Out Bureaucracy – Identify ways to immediately lower costs by removing unnecessary work, policies, reports, and approval processes from the organization.  Gain more clarity and simplicity in all your operations.  Use Continuous Improvement processes to do this on an ongoing basis and free up valuable time and money to accomplish higher priority objectives.

Unique Advantages Offered

Unlike other consulting or coaching firms, you receive the following benefits from Dr. Anderson’s background and personalized services:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or fees will not be billed.
  • Personalized Service:  Each intervention is custom-designed based on your unique needs – no “off-the-shelf” quick-fixes.
  • Certification as a Strategic Management Consulting Practitioner through Haines Centre for Strategic Management
  • Certified as an Executive Coach with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
  • Average Client Engagement Time: 2.4 years (clients ask him to come back over and over again).
  • Confidence in his more than three decades of teaching leadership, communication and problem solving to over 11,000 university undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Trust in three decades of consulting and coaching experience with key leaders in business, justice and public safety.
  • Proven Track Record with major corporate, police and government clients
  • Return on Investment (ROI) results from a history of previous clients
  • Experienced CEO:  Founded (1979), managed and sold a publishing company in 2002
  • Latest Theory and Practices from an up-to-date, published author in leadership and organizational transformation
  • Educational Background: Quality, breadth and depth (BA in Psychology and English, MA in Education and Counseling, PhD in Administration and Management)
  • Ethical standards assure you of confidentiality and professionalism. Dr. Anderson abides by the business ethics statements of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, of which he is a member in good standing.

The Model, in Graphic Form, is Illustrated Below: