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CRG provides an entire family of fast-paced communication and learning tools – many of which I contributed to the development of – that help you understand yourself better – your personal style, leadership skills, learning styles, values, and much more.

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Every Officer Is A Leader

Every Office Is A leaderThis book provides the latest insight into leadership, team, and organization development and transformation in police, justice and public safety settings. It has been used by many universities, the RCMP, FBI and many other police, justice and public safety agencies as a mainstay text, but is accessible to front line officers who aspire toward promotions. The new Third Edition of this book has Forewords by Chief (Ret’d) Jim Bueermann, President of the Police Foundation, Washington, DC and by Beverley A. Busson, COM, OBC, LLB, LLD, (Hon) Commissioner (Ret’d), Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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Transforming Leadership

Transforming Leadership
If you want to learn what it REALLY takes to be a successful leader, Transforming Leadership™ is the book for you! In this 300 page, no-fluff book, I coach you to develop the critical skills needed to become an effective leader.

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Every Officer Is A Leader Supports the Research Breakthroughs of HeartMath.org

I have been following Heartmath’s work for 15 years and they have integrated and focused their research and practice for the benefit of military, police, justice, public safety and security personnel, and they have ramped up all of their research and practice to make it more accessible to this sector…because they care most about people under stress, and they do help prevent the ravages of stress.

HeartMath is a non-profit organization that is committed to the wellness and resilience of people, and especially people who face extraordinary stress in their lives and work.

The Director of Research for Heart Math, Dr. Rollin McCraty, presented a special session for police executives on Saturday, Sept. 29th, 2012 at the International Association for Chiefs of Police.   The title of his presentation was:  Engaging the Psycho-physiology of Resilience for Optimal Performance and Career Efficacy.

I presented the new Revised 2nd Edition of our book, Every Officer Is A Leader, alongside Dr. McCraty at this conference because we have agreed that our work supports leaders to build resilience into teams and into policing organizations, and compliments his work of helping to build resilience into individual leaders and officers.

I believe this work is cutting edge for police health, wellness, job performance and even longevity.

Brochure: HeartMath