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"God never tells us in advance whether the course we are to follow is the correct one." - Einstein

Team & Leadership Development

Build a Leadership and Learning Organization by Developing Leaders & Teams

"Transforming Leadership is for those people who have moved beyond buzzwords and slogans. Terry provides leaders clear insight into the distinct elements that cultivate leadership. Through a straightforward, integrated method, the individual self-evaluates his or her leadership skills, then commences to enhance them by implementing specific actions. For anyone eager and serious about developing leadership impact, this book, and the executive coaching that accompanies it, is an absolute must." — William C. Bean – Chairman, Strategia, Inc. and Past Chief Financial Officer, IBM

Organizational Transformation Through Strategic Planning and Implementation

Position yourself and your teams more powerfully into the future through this breakthrough organizational transformation and continuous improvement process. Dr. Anderson has developed and field-tested the Transforming Leadership model that reveals a proven systems-based approach that will enable you to Build a Leadership and Learning Organization. Research suggests that leaders and their teams must be developed before a learning organization can be built and then move from Good to Great! Implementing Transforming Leadership can help you be a catalyst to transform your organization and its leaders toward the BIG THREE: enhanced Performance, Profitability, and Spirit in the workplace.

Continuous Improvement Teaming for Strategic Plan Implementation

The most recent breakthrough in organizational optimization is the creation of a cross-functional problem-solving team (Continuous Improvement Team) that meets monthly to review key issues and make timely decisions. High performance teams develop around clearly articulated strategic plans that can be realistically implemented. This team development process generates or re-visits the strategic plan in the light of team member strengths, and organizational values, goals, objectives, strategies, relationships, and roles. Additional clarity, action planning, scheduling and effective meetings stimulate quality, productivity and morale.

Executive Coaching

Strong, visionary, compassionate, competent, honest leaders develop successful teams and organizations. Expressions such as "negotiating permanent white water" and "riding the winds of change" reflect a serious need for leaders to develop extraordinary inner resources, knowledge, and skills. Coaching positions leaders to design and implement a clear plan for the development of their teams, organization, and leadership capabilities.

Sometimes executive development or decision-making requires a confidential one-to-one relationship where a wide range of issues can be more confidentially explored and resolved. Through systematic assessments and dialog you can engage in this powerful executive coaching process that tackles both bottom line and balance in life issues, including: improving relationships with emotional intelligence, reducing stress, and enhancing hardiness that can increase both the quality and length of your life.

Team Development

Whether it’s an Executive Team, departmental teams, cross-functional teams, or virtual teams, productivity is determined by how well people work together in pursuit of a common goal. Dr. Anderson demonstrates and coaches how systems thinking, appreciative processes, dialogue, and assessments can assist you to develop your best team.

Dr. Anderson’s field research reveals that team and leadership development occur best when people learn to work together toward a common vision of their preferred futures.  His approach integrates all these factors to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Clarify team function and purpose
  • Understand personal styles and strengths
  • Increase productivity and sense of "ownership"
  • Determine measurable outcomes
  • Define roles and accountabilities
  • Improve communication
  • Exceed expectations
  • Develop leadership competencies

Strategic Planning and Management

Dr. Anderson was awarded the Certificate in Strategic Management from the Haines Centre for Strategic Management in San Diego. The model he learned and uses with clients involves a planning process of a thorough and ongoing scan of the external environment, clarifying the organization’s vision of its preferred future, specifying core values, identifying value-added positioning through a consultative process, determining key success measures, and developing shared core strategies and action plans. This is all done within a framework that values simplicity and participation.

In order to avoid the SPOTS-GD syndrome (Strategic Plan of Top Shelf…Gathering Dust) leaders are identified, educated, and organized in such as way that they become the champions of change in their organization. Departments and units function together to achieve the overarching objectives of the strategic plan. Structures and processes are created to ensure thorough evaluation, renewal, and re-commitment on an ongoing basis.

Dr. Anderson is an associate with the Haines Centre and can draw upon the expertise and involvement of his colleagues when undertaking a large-scale change and planning initiative.

Get the ABC’s of strategic management working for you!

  1. Where do you want to be? Outcomes you want for your organization.
  2. How will you know when you get there? Define outcome measures of success, organization wide and unit-by-unit.
  3. Where are you right now? Strategies necessary to close the gap.
  4. How do you get there from here? Implementation plan.
  5. What is changing in the environment? Consider shareholders, customers, suppliers, technology, community, the world. What needs to be taken into account?